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My journey through radio & TV has been a very special one indeed. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my first disco equipment, purchased by my parents for my 12th Birthday, would lead me along the path I tread today. However, I dared to dream of what could be. I owe a great debt of thanks to Lorraine Kelly & the viewers of LK Today, who gave me my first break into TV back in July 2000. They voted for me in tens of thousands as the new face they would most like to see on their screens. Lorraine Kelly Of course I was shocked at the result and overwhelming winning margin of 69% of 1.9 million votes cast. In addition, I knew that TV was driven by how a person looks, so conceded that I would surely come last! 4th would have been a wonderful achievement given that over 7 thousand people applied for the position. So a huge thank-you to the wonderful British public for voting for me in droves. Believe me, when I feel down or begin to doubt myself in any way, I just remember their support and it makes my heart fly and gives me the boost I need to never consider giving up the dream.
I have been very fortunate to meet some amazing people who work both in front and behind the camera lens. Sadly, it's difficult to stay in touch with everyone that I have met but they have made an impact on me for sure. (You know who you are.) Big-love to you all. To my fans and supporters, I say ´a huge thanks´. And to remind them that I´m as determined as ever to break through the big corporation´s prejudice towards a person´s size, age and looks. ´Rope the moon´.

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Cowboy Trap

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who watched Cowboy Trap on BBC1.
You made it a big hit.
I hope to maintain your support in the future.

Radio 5 Live

Clive talks to Eamonn


Steve Wright in the Afternoon

Cowboy Trap


Steve Wright

Febuary 2012
Clive rejoins the Big Show


Jo Good Radio London

August 2013


1 Million page views
'Thanks to all that have shown intrest in my web pages (for whatever reason).'
Cheers Clive.

Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2

£1 Homes
October 9th 2015

Show Reel

Sir Alex Ferguson

Would love to think I could call this knight of the realm a friend. However, I wouldn´t dare!
I met him for the first time when he granted me an interview with him when I was a cub reporter for a very small radio station back in 1994.

Steve Wright

The Big Show

One of the highlights of my career was being invited by Steve to be a guest on his big show,'Steve Wright in the afternoon' on BBC radio2, It's an ambition I've had for years as I have grown up listening to Steve and have always admired his talents. For me, he's one of the best radio Jox on the Planet!
It was an enormous priviledge and I had lots of fun too. It was lovely to meet Tim too, a top bloke. Cheers Steve and I can't wait to be invited back soon.

Kate Silverton

Kate is a top TV presenter and a really nice, warm and genuine person too.

David Domoney

This boy is a real talent and a great friend.
What he doesn´t know about horticulture and garden design just isn´t worth knowing! A great presenter and live entertainer, can be seen regularly on ITV1 ´This Morning Show´ as the gardening expert and a gold medal award winner at that. Must also give a big shout out to his brother Neil, who is an all round top bloke too.I love working with these guys and hope to do so for many years to come.

Eamonn Homes

A fellow Man U fan, he allowed me to use his dressing room at GMTV, it was plastered with united pictures and even a Man U carpet! He said to me “son, one day your name will be on this door, TV is crying out for someone like you”
Yeah right Eamonn !

Craig Philips

Of course best known for being the first ever winner of big brother. I don´t hold that against him though!
First worked with him in 2003 at the Ideal Home Show and many times since. Good hard worker and a nice chap.

Lorraine Kelly

This woman is truly magnificent. I will never forget the help and encouragement she gave me during my first break into TV.